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Preparation steps before the blow molding machine starts


Before starting the blow molding machine, it is necessary to strictly observe the following nine points:

The first point: the cooling water of the cooling material is necessary to turn over the energy, and the whole hairy screw bites this phenomenon.

Second point: preheat the hydraulic oil. If the temperature of the hydraulic fluid in the blow molding machine tank is too low, the heater should be turned on immediately, as is the case on a large machine.

The third point: press the start button and stop immediately, check whether the running direction of the pump is correct. If it is found that it does not correspond, immediately change the power line of the two-phase receiving motor.

Fourth point: The machine should be opened without pressure in the hydraulic system. The pressure of the overflow system of each pump is adjusted to a safe pressure when it is opened. In large-scale injection machines, there are often two pressure systems, one is the clamping unit, the other is the injection unit, and each unit has a pressure-receiving space. After the pump is stopped, it is necessary to open the pressure venting valve. When the pump is in operation, it is necessary to close the switch.

The fifth point: adjust the orientation of all strokes to make the template open and clear.

Sixth point: Close the door. When opening the safety door on the operating side, according to the safety maintenance requirements, all safety doors should be closed when the machine is working. For large hollow blow molding machines, the fishing closed mold movement will be prevented: if the safety door is opened again, the oil pump will stop working.

Seventh point: Turn on the heating and temperature regulation system.

Eighth point: It is necessary to clean the surface of the mold and the contact surface with the template of the blow molding machine in the mold of the device.

Ninth point: The blow molding machine turns on the main switch of the operation cabinet L, and adjusts the operation selection switch to the anti-rust oil in the jog or manual 1. Perfusate crude oil and smooth poise.


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