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The development trend of domestic automatic blow molding machine


This year, China's fully automatic blow molding machines and fast-moving consumer goods, such as beverages and other industries and the development of January-July last year, China's blow molding machines have also seen significant growth.

It is not difficult to find that the export growth rate is far below the quantitative growth rate, that is to say, the export unit price is still falling. In China's plastic machinery trade, only blow molding machines begin to trade surplus, while blow molding machines are in huge trade deficits, which are unit price, product performance), servo motor technology, flexible compensation technology, and information processing technology.

At present, the status of blow molding machines is not to form a more powerful industrial cluster in China, and most of them are small and medium-sized enterprises. The characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises are scattered industrial structure, which makes it difficult to increase the value of products and services for the development of domestic products and technological innovation.

In contrast, the blow molding machine industry is relatively concentrated, forming a large enterprise-driven industry structure. Blow molding machines in a number of domestic production bases and a number of injection molding machine companies also occupy a certain position in the international market, which makes the Chinese blow molding machine product technology industry cluster effect continue to advance.

Therefore, China's fully automatic blow molding machine industry should also refer to the development of injection molding machines, from the formation of industrial clusters to industrial group companies, to promote the development of product technology. In fact, China's blow molding machines also have the conditions for forming industrial clusters. It can be seen from the table that China's blow molding machines occupy a certain position in the international market, and the export volume and quantity of blow molding machines have increased substantially. These areas can adjust the formation of the industry. Stronger radiation force to achieve cluster effect.

Regarding the current situation, the competitive advantage of domestic automatic blow molding machines in the international market is the price, which makes the blow molding machines exported by China continue to rise in recent years. Last year, China’s exports continued to grow, and blow molding machines are expected to print news exports this year. Growth is expected to continue to rise. However, this depends on a sharp increase in exports and an increase in the share of exports. After all, it is a price advantage of industrial characteristics. In the case of great limitations, relying on technological progress is the last word.

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