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Blow molding machine operation process


The brands of blow molding machines are endless. According to preliminary statistics, there are nearly 100 domestic blow molding machine manufacturers. The operation interfaces of blow molding machines manufactured by different manufacturers have different levels of difference, in order to facilitate the deep level of blow molding machines for industry personnel. Understand, here's a brief introduction to the operation of the blow molding machine:

1. The blow molding machine cannot be operated by personnel who have not been professionally trained.
2. Ensure that the machine is grounded to zero before starting the machine to avoid leakage and cause unsafe accidents.
3. Before the blow molding machine is heated, it should be carefully checked whether the cooling water of each part is connected.
4. Before the automatic blow molding machine runs, raise the machine to the appropriate position to ensure that the machine head does not collide with the template to avoid damage to the equipment.
5. The pressure of the machine system has been set before leaving the factory. No special conditions can be adjusted freely to avoid damage to the hydraulic system or affect the normal operation of the machine due to excessive or too low pressure.
6. Workers are strictly prohibited from feeding on the machine to avoid electric shock or burns and falling from high altitude. (The machine should be equipped with an automatic loading device).
7. When the blow molding machine performs the mold shifting and closing operation, the operator is prohibited from entering the safety door area to avoid being pinched or injured.
8. When the automatic blow molding machine is in normal operation, do not use the hand to pull off the blank being extruded to avoid being burnt by the high temperature material and the electric hot knife or being pinched by the mold.
9. When adjusting the mold shifting and closing mode photoelectric switch, be sure to turn off the main oil pump to avoid the occurrence of unsafe accidents.
10. In case of emergency, quickly press the red emergency stop button to prevent accidents.


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