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Company Profile

After nearly one year of integration/operation, Zhangjiagang City Wangdao Machinery Co., Ltd. was finally established in 2018. It is a company designated by Taiwan Zhonghua Machinery Co., Ltd. to design, manufacture and sell blow molding equipment in mainland China. (Registered as a trademark of "Kingswel") is also the continuation and inheritance of Kingswel Machinery Manufacturing Group. Based on the experience of Taiwan Zhonghua for more than 40 years of high-quality mechanical design and manufacturing, the company combines the design concepts of many well-known German manufacturers and cooperates with well-known parts suppliers around the world to provide customers with professional/technical leading/price-performance blow molding equipment. . The company is also equipped with a nationwide after-sales service network from south to Shenzhen, north to Harbin, and west to Urumqi.

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Reasons for choosing "Kingswel Machinery"

Professional division of labor, let you get the most suitable models and services

Group management, let you share the minimum management and sales expenses

Resource sharing allows you to control diversified technical support and help you develop products in a timely manner

Sustainable operation, let you have long-term stable and reliable partners

The company is located in the economically developed Suzhou area, close to Shanghai and has convenient transportation. The company manufactures and sells hollow blow molding machines with “Ace” as the registered trademark , and concurrently operates other products of the group (mold/auxiliary/injection molding machine, etc.), covering the entire plastic field. In addition to meeting the domestic market, it is also exported to the United States / Europe / Japan / Middle East / Southeast Asia and Russia.

Choose the kingswel, choose peace of mind

The company's business philosophy: customer to wealth, company development, employee happiness

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